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A locksmith is a handyman who installs and repairs locks on windows, cars, safes, and doors. Locksmithing is the installation, recombination, inspection, or rekeying services. It is also the repair of locks and locking devices. It is an ancient profession that will remain as long as locks are still in use. Find out why locksmiths are called locksmiths and the kinds of services they provide.

A locksmith is just like any other service provider who has to undergo an application to be licensed to provide locksmithing services. One should be able to provide the following before handing in their applications (depends on the state)

  • A Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check or Identification Record.
  • A criminal history record from their local state

Locksmiths install and repair automotive, commercial, and residential locks. The main reason people hire locksmiths is security and protection concerns. Everyone has individual security needs, and the needs to secure the home may differ from a business that needs to protect its valuable assets.

Locksmiths extensively know the lock products available in the market and the extent of security each lock will provide. If you are not sure what security level is right for your home and what locks to install, a locksmith will advise you.

Currently, locksmiths are also equipped to install and repair security devices on your property. They are skilled at fabricating and duplicating your lock keys. Locksmiths can change lock combinations. They can also bypass security systems if authorized to do so. Many residential and commercial complexes have a trained locksmith within reach.

Installation of Locks

To secure your home or office, you will require high-quality locks. There are many locks to consider, for example, keypad locks, card swipes, and the traditional lock and keys. A locksmith can also provide something more sophisticated to match your taste and need.

A professional locksmith will install new or replace your existing locks. He/she can replace the complete lock or rekey the locks depending on your choice.

Key Cutting

If you unintentionally break or lose your car, office, or house keys, a professional locksmith will cut a new one for you to match the previous one exactly.

Car Locks

Besides commercial and residential locks, a locksmith is also equipped to repair car locks. A professional locksmith will be able to replace or get through the locks if you have anything or anyone locked inside.

Lock Repairs

Locks are designed to be durable. However, you may occasionally experience some issues such as broken keys, frozen keys, and difficulty latching. A qualified locksmith will be able to determine if your lock needs repair or complete replacement.

Safe Opening

A locksmith is also trained to open safes. In case you lose your access codes or have the authority to break into a safe, for example, for forensic purposes, a professional locksmith uses the unique tools at his/her disposal to crack it open for you.

Bottom Line

A locksmith is a career just like any other. It is highly marketable since demand is high while supply is low. It is fun, practical, and, most importantly, rewarding. The locksmithing services mentioned above are why a locksmith is called a locksmith and why you should call one if you have lock issues.

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