Motorcycle Key replacement – Things that might help

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In need of a motorcycle key replacement? We’re just a phone call away. Talk to us today. Our locksmith specialists are ready to help you. Motorcycle key can get lost, but it shouldn’t stress you since we can make a replacement key. We’re experts in key replacement services with many years of experience.

If you can transport your bike to the locksmith, the better in terms of reduced costs. This doesn’t mean that we only provide services at our location. We also offer lost key replacement services at your location. Our technicians only need some information from you. This can be helpful for a locksmith to quickly make a replacement key. The information includes codes on the ignition switch, gas cap lock or seat lock.

Professional motorcycle key replacement

Our experienced key replacement technicians may open the gas lock assembly to assess it. This is because ignition and gas cap lock normally use the same key. Looking at its locking parts and the availability of codes on the lock (for original locks) will ease the process. It may be difficult if you have changed your gas cap lock.

It’s advisable that whenever you change your gas tank or cap, you should ensure the replacement key can work with the ignition too. This way, lost motorcycle key replacement becomes easier. Key replacement process may take less than 30 minutes.

Why us?

Guaranteed satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our priority in our locksmith services. We aim at giving you great convenience. Moreover, we deliver our service beyond your expectations. In line with this goal, we provide emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means you can always reach your home or work without any inconvenience.

Trusted locksmith

We’ve earned valuable confidence and trust from our previous clients through our committed efforts to efficient service delivery. Therefore, when you contact us for key replacement, you know you’re going for the best service near you. We hope you’ll find our services truly helpful. Get your motorcycle key made by trusted locksmiths.

Important requirements

You must be there in person to have your motorcycle key made. Other requirements include documents to prove ownership. These documents are driving license, state ID, registration or purchase receipt, and a valid insurance cover. This is necessary to proof ownership of the motorcycle and guard against theft.


If you have any queries or to schedule an appointment, please call us today. Enjoy our hassle-free services today without breaking your budget.

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