Lost Your Car Key? – 10 Tips On What To Do Next

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Losing your car keys can turn out to be a very stressful experience. It can happen for various reasons - don’t worry, you are not the first, and not the last! From our experience, it happens more than you can imagine! If you lose your keys, don’t panic! Have no fear, we at Car Key Replacement LLC got you covered! Simply read the 10 things you can and should do:

  • Step#1: Remain calm:
    When you realize you’ve lost your car keys, your first reaction might be to panic. Try to remain calm. You are not the first person who lost his car keys. Everything is going to be just fine.
  • Step#2: Search for the key
    Retrace your steps and check everywhere for the missing car keys. If you are lucky, you will find them. If not, you will have to take action. Some people say that turning a cup inside your home might work - why? Simply try to distract yourself from thinking about it too much!
  • Step#3: Compile car information:
    You will need to provide information on your car before actions can be taken to help you access the car. Gather information on the model, VIN number, production year and the make.
  • Step#4: Contact your insurance company::
    If you included car key replacement in your insurance policy, contact your insurance company to inform them about your missing car keys. They might cover the costs in full or just a portion.

  • Step#5: Subscription-based communications
    On some of the new cars you might have the benefit of telematics systems like Onstar or BlueLink which can remotely unlock your car and in some cases even start it.
  • Step#6: Contact the dealership:
     In some cases, the dealership might have your information on file. All that’s left to do is to go to a physical location and get your car key made on spot. The dealership has the ability in some cases to provide you with a car key replacement.
  • Step#7: Valet key
     If you have an old car with a regular lock, a valet key can grant you access to your car again. Also, in some car keys, there are valet keys included, usually on the top of the key. That will only open your car door, however, it won't start your vehicle.
  • Step#8: Contact friends and family for a spare key
     In order to prevent a lock change or key replacement, make a spare car key and keep it with your close friends or family. This way in case you are locked out, or you lost your keys, you do have a spare in a safe place. This is the time to check.

  • Step#9: Contact friends and family for a spare key
    If you have a smart tracker on your keys, use it! You will be able to locate your keys in the app in a quicky - some customers have this option and totally forget about it!
  • Step#10: Call a reputable Locksmith
    If by now you got a solution that's great! If not, you can call and talk with one of our team members in our shop. Car Key Replacement LLC specialize with all type of car keys made.

    Since you probably read all the way here, we guess that your car is still locked? Here is a little gift for you. To make this process a bit easier. Just print it or show to one of our technicians when they arrive.

    If you have more questions regarding your key replacement - you can always contact us via email or phone. Or you can see our automotive and car key replacement service pages for more info.

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