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Most likely, you have never thought of a situation where you will need to replace your car keys. After all, you assume you are careful and can’t forget or lose something important, like your car keys, right? However, a misplaced or lost car key is not the only reason that may require you to replace your car’s key; the key can fail to work. Below are nine reasons why your car key is not working, hence, prompt you to use car key replacement services.

1. Damaged Key

A car key doesn’t have to be broken to consider as damaged. The key may have been bent or worn out, hence, affecting the pattern and grooves that fit with the lock of your car. Poor handling and maintenance, coupled with prolonged usage, may interfere with the pattern and grooves on the key, which will affect its performance.

2. Damaged Locking System

The locking system of your car may be the reason your car key has stopped working. If you have used the car for a long time, the system may have worn out, hence stopped responding to your car key. Only the help of a car key replacement service can save you when your key isn’t working because of a damaged locking system.

3. Duplicate Key

If the key you are using isn’t the one that your car came with, then it may be the reason it isn’t working. This is especially true if you have used the services of a locksmith recently. When you need a car key replacement, you should only go for the services of a trusted and reliable provider to avoid problems in the future with the key.

4. Key Fob is Damaged

If you are using a keyless entry remote, a damaged in either the transmitter or receiver or internal electronics of your car will make the key fail to work because there will be no communication. Damage to the key fob can result from a simple as dropping, exposure to excess heat, and soaking in the water, among others.

5. Problem with Ignition Cylinder

All the parts of your car interrelate and work together to keep you cruising on the road. A failure in one component makes another component to fail too. A problem with your ignition cylinder can cause your key to stop working. The cylinder can breakdown due to wear and tear, which in turn will make your key to fail. Besides, the keyhole may be jammed by debris and other elements, hence creating problems.

6. No Programmed

If you recently acquired a replacement key for your car and then it fails to work, then maybe it is yet to programmed to communicate with your car system. Therefore, your car key can’t work because it’s not in tune with your car system.

7. Key Fob Battery is Drained

A battery operates the key fob of your car. If the battery drains, the fob will not work as expected. Therefore, there will be no communication between transponder chips in the fob and car locking system; hence, your key will not work.

8. Door Handles are Faulty

If your car is the old model where you have to unlock the door with your key, a problem with the door handles will make the key fail. Car door locks work in unison with the car key; hence, if there is a problem with the handles, then the key will also not work. Wear and tear may be the main issue with the handles if there are no physical damages.

9. Inappropriate Gear Settings

When your gear is set to something else other than neutral or park when turning the key in the ignition, the key will not work. Shaking the stick can resolve the problem, but if it persists, then there may be something more significant that needs the attention of a car replacement services provider. The above are the most probable reasons that may make your car key to fail. If you encounter any of them, don’t panic, it can be resolved thorough car key replacement services. However, you need to choose a reliable professional to get quality and proficient services.

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